My Story

My aunt Sandy gave me my first camera when I was seven or eight in the early 80's, and that was it... I've been shooting ever since!    

I started working in production my junior year of high school; producing, directing, shooting, and editing half hour segments for PBS. By my senior year I was associate producing news for the number one Station in Reno where I grew up. I landed my first sports gig shooting Hockey for the WCHL when I was twenty and spent the next 10 years working as a News Photojournalist and Sports Videographer in San Diego and LA while doing still photography. 

In 2012 I had back surgery that ended my time as a sports videographer, and took me out of working in production. I can't sit or stand around for too long, so I started figuring out other ways to occupy my time when I'm not shooting stills. I currently spend my free time shooting love stories and rescue dog features for Pawsitively Limitless. A company I started based on my rescue and I's experiences with injuries and surgeries. 

Some of my career highlights include:

-Working with George Carlin on "Life is Worth Losing." 

-Getting to interview Walter Cronkite, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Phil Jackson, etc for Fox. 

-Getting to play with Ligers while working for ABC. Seriously. It happened.  

-Having lunch with "The Rock" aka Dwayne Johnson while filming a WWF Pay Per View event.

-Eating sunflower seeds with Randy Johnson on the field before shooting my first MLB game.

-Shooting a stand up while flying in a WWII fighter jet with the canopy open and my reporter flying next to me in another WWII fighter jet.  

-Shooting a hockey game from inside the penalty box, with a wireless mic on the teams number one brawler.   

-Being:  on the field, in between the players benches, hanging off the ropes,  and in the middle of all the action at every game or event I've ever  worked.  

-Having my still photography featured in galleries across the west coast since 2003.  

-Designing, Casting, and Shooting Calendar muiltple calendars.